BuilderVision | Select, Manage, and Visualize Home Building Product Choices


The first complete suite of interactive tools made for the home-building industry.

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BuilderVision software displayed on laptop and desktop computers

Tools Included:

  • Selections checklist with clipboard and building product options
    Selections Checklist
    To track and manage building product selections
  • Building product visualizer on desktop screen
    Photographic/3D Visualizer
    To view your product selections on an image
  • Digital interior design product swatchboard
    Digital SwatchBoard
    To view your product selections in a palette view
  • Augmented reality lot selection app for builders and homebuyers
    AR Lot Selector App
    To find the perfect lot for your building project
  • Online 3D landscape design tool for homeowners and designers
    3D Landscape Design Tool
    To design your ideal space
  • Building products pricing calculator for homeowners and builders
    Pricing Module
    To communicate pricing costs and changes

Selections Checklist

BuilderVision includes an extensive list of products to choose from for your building project. Track and manage your selections in each category individually or view a checklist to see all of your selections.

Building product selection checklist with roofing and siding options
Couple sitting at table using laptop with BuilderVision product visualizer

Photographic/3D Visualizer

The Selections Checklist integrates with and is complemented by Chameleon Power's visualization technology. View color-accurate renditions of your product selections in a real-world environment.

Digital SwatchBoard

The Digital SwatchBoard is built into the visualizer component of BuilderVision. Simply switch views to see the products you have selected in a palette view rather than in the scene.

BuilderVision visualizer animation moving from photo view to SwatchBoard view
person holding tablet viewing augmented reality house on empty lot

Augmented Reality Lot Selection

Use our augmented reality technology to find and select the perfect lot for your building project. View a 3D model of the building on the lot to decide on the perfect placement.

3D Landscape Design Tool

Chameleon Power's 3D landscape design software allows the user to design their ideal space, placing various objects like plants, pavers, and outdoor furniture where they see fit.

before and after backyard landscape design in 3D

Pricing Module

Added to the checklist and design tools, the pricing module can communicate costs and pricing changes as the home buyer makes decisions. Can be customized for calculating options pricing, total home cost, and mortgage calculating. Administered by the builder or Chameleon.

See it in Action

Chameleon Power builds the best tools for builders and the best experiences for homebuyers. Check out the video below to see the BuilderVision suite in use.