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Product Tools & Services

Get high quality product assets as well as tools for designing and visualizing them in a real-world environment.

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    Product Services
    Chameleon Power covers the hastle of managing and maintaining
    digital assets. The in-house photography studio provides the
    high-quality product photography companies need for effective
    marketing. In addition, we provide color-accurate print samples
    to replace physical samples at less than half the cost.

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    Product Tools
    Chameleon Power's software tools aid in the entire product
    selection and design process. Customers and designers have the
    ability to take unlimited variables to configure and create
    custom blends and products. These can be integrated into our
    visualizers for realistic viewing.

Constantly Evolving

Chameleon Power complements its product tools and services with a full suite of compatible software. The team continually works to improve these tools and develop better solutions for client needs.


  • Photography
    Color accurate photography and print services to showcase your products.
  • 3D
    Design your own custom product patterns and blends.
  • Blend and Pattern Tools
    Simulate your product choices in a real-world environment.

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Chameleon Power’s configuration and visualization technology is used in a wide variety of different industries.
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