Our Software Services

What we provide

Web Visualization

Specify and sell products more effectively with higher quality leads through photographic visualization.

3D/VR/AR Tools

Utilizing our next generation of 3D applications, customers can now create photo realistic outcomes in 3D.

Blend & Pattern Tools

Whether you’re a design amateur or professional, you can unleash your creative side with our suite of blend and design tools.

Digital Asset Management

We provide web technologies and services that aid in managing and maintaining your digital assets and data.

Product Configurators

Our software tools aid users in the entire process from selection, configuration, specification and purchase, and can be integrated into pricing tools and carts for a complete package.

Color Analysis

Chameleon has a deeply routed knowledge of color science and harmony. This knowledge ensures color accuracy across all of our tools and is the impetus behind all of our color engines.

Product Simulation

Chameleon’s product simulation technologies allow product design and simulation with no bounds.

Digital Color Tool

Bring your most valuable color sales tool into the digital age.